About Us

Human Behaviour Research & Change

If you had a crystal ball, what is the one thing you'd like to know about your people and why they do the things they do?

What would change your world? Your business strategy? Your management focus?

Through academic research, using recognised methodologies, we design and deliver behavioural research to give you unique insights into the behaviour of your employee, customer and client groups.

Insight & Consulting

Whether you are implementing organisational change projects, managing an acquisition / merger or bringing AI and robotics into your business, we are on hand to help you smooth the path. Through mapping of influencers, your business lexicon and coaching of management, we will advise you on the most effective course of action using rafts of behavioural research findings to underpin our recommendations.

Speaking & Workshops

Tired of the same old corporate speakers and management workshops? If you are looking for a different approach, we will bring you thought provoking, interactive insights into why humans do the things they do. We'll look at tribal and primitive behaviours, our drive for attachment and belonging in the workplace, as well as the power of language and the effect of our vocabulary choices.


Trust Mapping

Attrition, repeat business, brand and growth can all be significantly affected by trust. 

Using innovative diagnostic tools and academic analysis we will heat map the levels of trust from your stakeholder groups - employees, partners, customers and clients.


Identify where your organisations sits in terms of worker behaviour and perceptions.

Looking at aspects including environment, culture, behaviours & perceptions, we can advise on areas of 'quick wins' & strategy to start the shift towards future-proofing your organisation.