Human Behaviour advisory for business success & sustainability

Research Project Reports


  • Design and delivery of full, academic, behavioural research - giving you unique insight into your people's perceptions and attitudes.
  • Full analysis of all data gathered through various research methods
  • Detailed cross referencing of your data and previously recognised research to identify supporting evidence
  • Highlights of behavioural trends and more importantly, anomalies.
  • Compelling advisory for positive organisational behaviours

Insight Documents


Think of this as Research Project 'lite'.

Utilising information from our discovery phase spent within your organisation, alongside recognised, peer reviewed research we will draw together;

  • Your organisation's 'discovery phase' evidence.
  • Cross referenced reasonable assumptions.
  • Advisory for positive progress within you organisation and people strategies.

Trust Mapping


This is a one off mapping exercise to map the existence and locations of perceived trust within your organisation - all impacting the bottom line!

We are able to illustrate;

  • areas of best practice
  • high trust
  • correlation to managers
  • business activities - such as appraisal season, recruitment drives or redundancy schedules.

We can also investigate how perceived trust is impacting upon

  • Intention to quit
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Citizenship behaviours

Psychological Safety


Psychological Safety at work is the belief that we can speak up, take risks and share honest thoughts / feedback with ought fear of repercussion.

Data is collected through our unique research questionnaire and analysis of the full report. 

This project will provide you with 

  • Key aspects to focus upon
  • Key issues leading to fear feelings
  • Highlights of best practice within your organisation.
  • Correlations to business success, succession planning, talent attraction and brand reputation.



Our Heartbeats provide you with an ongoing diagnostic and reporting service to track sensitive behaviours and perceptions within your organisation. 

Monthly, snapshot measures offer so much more than an annual opinion survey. 

The data gathered from a weekly 2-3 minute, emailed question set will be analysed and provide you with;

  • A monthly track of your peoples' perceptions (eg trust, belonging, valued contribution)
  • Trends and anomalies
  • Pointers towards areas for further investigation
  • Correlations with business milestones